Our platform gives you market leading tools where others just scratch the surface.

With strong, bespoke design on powerful proven functionality, whether you're a start-up with big plans or a well-established business with a large team, stores & warehouses it's the perfect foundation.

Responsive Design

Your website will scale and change to suit the display that it's being viewed on; squishing everything together just doesn't cut it...

Real Time Stock

With instantaneous stock record updates, your inventory's kept up to date (even across multiple sites) at all times.

Built for SEO

A brilliant looking website's great, but only if people can find it. Our sites are built from the ground up, with SEO in mind.

Postcode Checkout

It's slow and cumbersome entering a full address, especially whilst shopping on the go; postcode lookup makes it a non-issue.

Advanced Options & Virtual Packages

Simple multi-choice to package building on the fly for effective up-selling. Need to offer your customers more flexibility? No problem - stack options to any depth and combine a range of interfaces.

Click & Collect

Let your customers order online and pick up their products at your physical store(s).

Multiple Address Dispatch

Customers don't always want to send their goods to just one address; our checkout makes it quick and easy.

Image Processing

Our systems automatically optimise images on upload, keeping your site fast and removing the need to do them manually.

Promotions & Marketing
Channels & Data
Promotions & Marketing
Channels & Data


Product Comparison
Give your customers the ability to directly compare products, aiding them in their decision, through attributes that you set.
Loyalty Points
The perfect incentive to come back time and time again. With the ability to set how much each £'s worth, how long they last for, and more.
Gift Options
Let your customers add something special to their item, whether it's wrapping, a gift message or maybe something extra special!
Store Availability
Your website can aid your offline sales too by listing where an item's currently available to pick up instore.
Product Questions
Give customers the ability to ask questions about specific items, and then display your reply for customers who may have a similar question in the future.
360° Images
Certain products need to be seen from more than just one angle and multiple images don't always cut it; show them all angles with a 360° image.
Delivery Countdown
Let your customers know how much time they have left for same day delivery with an animated and customisable countdown.
Custom Stock Statuses
Products aren't always either 'In Stock' or 'Out Of Stock'; choose how you list them and give customers a more accurate status.
Add product manuals, size guides & other relevant files to your product listings.


Every customer receives their own account, allowing them access to a range of features and making repeat sales quick & easier.
Branded Invoices
Customise the look of your invoice and promote your store's branding when they receive their item!
Allow customers to build up custom lists of items that they want, with the ability to share them with friends.
Account Levels
Set up different customer account levels and tailor your products prices to suit.
Order Tracking
The built in tracking area gives customers the ability to track their orders, meaning they're never left in the dark over their latest purchase.
Address Book
Let your customers store multiple delivery and billing addresses, making their checkout process slick and easy.
Give customers the ability to save their favourite products, increasing your chances of making a sale in the future.
Loyalty Points Tracker
Allow customers to view their loyalty points total, giving them an incentive to build their totals.
Order History
Customers can view their entire order history, with in-depth order breakdown.

Promotions & Marketing

Discount Codes
The ability to create discount codes for custom amounts for any length of time. Shoppers love discounts!
Product Upsells
Use upsells to promote companion or similar items, a way of boosting sales & providing helpful purchase suggestions to customers.
Newsletter Integration
Utilise newsletters and share your products, articles & services directly into a potential customer's inbox.
Promotional Sashes
Looking to promote a product, an item that's new in or is on offer? Simply tag the product with a neat sash.
Exit Retention Incentive
Give customers a reason to stay by displaying an offer or discount code before they move away from the site.
Free Product Promotions
A perfect way of advertising, customers love nothing more than free products.
News & Blog
Articles can be a great way of showcasing your expertise, promoting certain items or giving them the latest company news, complete with categorisation and comments.
Basket Abandonment Emails
Customers can sometimes leave without completing a purchase they meant to and a simple reminder can prompt them to come back and complete it.
Promotional Header
Looking to grab customer attention with a new product or some important information? Activate the promotional header strip and shout about it.


Filters are a brilliantly simple way of searching through a category of products, whether it's by colour, size or something unique to your items.
Quick View
Whilst every product has a dedicated listing, sometimes it's easier to quickly browse through a number of items using an overlay with an item's key information.
Shop By Brand
Promote products via their brand rather than by categorising them, a popular & logical way for customers to locate the product they want.
Featured Products
Advertise specific products that you wish to push with a dedicated section, navigating customers straight into product listings in one simple step.
Menu Dropdowns
Display a large number of page links with a header dropdown, allowing for quick and easy navigation into pages that would otherwise require multiple clicks.
Sort By
Aid customers in their search for an item through a 'Sort By' dropdown, allowing them to sort products and get to where they want to be.
Smart Search
Our search has been developed to bring out the best results across all types of products, smartly looking at each product to provide relevant results.
Featured Categories
Promote key categories through a dedicated section, allowing you to promote entire groups of products at once; ideal for season/holiday specific items.
Expanded Footer
Navigation can be difficult when a visitor reaches the bottom of the page, with an expanded footer displaying full navigation, it's no longer an issue.

Channels & Data

Reporting Tools
Utilise our powerful reporting tools to get an in-depth look at your sales and a better understanding of your customers' shopping habits.
CSV Imports
Have existing stock records or customer databases elsewhere? Pull them across with a CSV import.
Customer Database
Every customer that places an order will automatically be placed in your database for you to review and manage.
Automated order transfer to your back-office system.
Automated order transfer to your back-office system.
Contact Exports
Export your contact lists to use for your newsletters, making it incredibly easy to follow up on purchases and promote new incentives.
Add PayPal to your website and give customers another safe & slick way to complete their purchase.
CSV Exports
Looking to export your order data to third party software? Our built-in export tool makes it simple.
Custom Integrations
Need to integrate with a third party API? Our team can help make it a streamlined process.


Custom CMS
Our inhouse content management system gives you full control over your website's content and gives us complete flexibility to add custom features for you.
Multiple Users
You aren't just limited to one MOW account, individual staff members receive their own account and set of permissions.
Track and control product returns with our fully integrated RMA system.
Custom Dashboards
Looking to display sales information, track staff in/out, or something completely custom? Get in touch to discuss options.
Advanced Delivery Rules
MOW gives you full control over your delivery rules, allowing you to set rates, weight bands and methods.
Reviews Manager
Take control of which product and service reviews display on the site, keeping spam and unfair reviews at bay.
User Levels
Control what groups and individuals in your team have access to and can edit.
Comments Manager
Stop potential innapropriate comments or spam by accepting or rejecting comments before they appear on the website.
Track who's on your site, how they got there, what device they're using and more; crucial for maximising sales and getting the most from your website.


Social Share
Give customers the ability to share products, articles & more with social share widgets.
Finance Integration
Integrate with a number of finance options, including Divido, V12 & Pay4Later, and allow customers to spread the cost of their items.
Language Translation
Planning to sell to multiple countries and languages? Utilise a translation widget and cater for all potential customers.
Trade Store
Selling to trade? Run a store that caters specifically for trade customer needs, with adjusted pricing, specific products & more.
Age Verification
Selling items that are age restricted? Display a warning and/or request age confirmation before completing a purchase.
Seasonal Themes
Christmas coming? Add some snow to your site! Halloween on the horizon? Add some spooky graphics! Themes are a great way to keep a website fresh.
Inc & Ex VAT
Give customers the option to view prices across your store including or excluding VAT, catering for all needs.
Sticky Header & Footer
Websites can sometimes benefit from having a header or footer fixed to the top or bottom of the screen, allowing easy access at all times.
Reviews are a great way of building potential customers trust. A Trustpilot widget allows you to display your fantastic feedback via a number of options.

Works seamlessly with your website(s) for order processing, stock control, dispatch and customer management.

Barcode-based Pick & Pack process to eliminate errors and reduce processing time dramatically.

Automatic labelling, barcoding and multi-location/multi-warehouse stock control.

Flexible and powerful reporting - build views, group, filter, sort and export with ease.

Integrated purchasing and drop-shipping, automatic re-ordering and stock unit tracking.

Multiple brands from one system - automatically using relevant channel details for paperwork and labels.

Work faster with postcode lookup, PDQ, courier integration, price breaks, customer accounts, returns management and much more.


Integrated with MOW ERP allowing for effective in-store operations alongside the main system where required.

Customisable grid buttons allow menu building, instant access to frequent functions and prompts to create custom processes.

Receipt printing, drawer and card machine integration, plus split tender, cash back and refunds.

Instant login and user switching with fobs.

Catering functionality including kitchen printing & table assignment.

Full size touch screen, Tablet and Handheld operation.

Centralised management tools, staff clocking in/out, secure vouchers, refunds, discounting and much more.

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