Peach Guitars

Peach Guitars is a premier boutique guitar retailer with two stores bursting with guitars and the best accessories. We created an inviting online presence to promote their unique range of rare and limited edition guitars alongside amps, pedals, accessories and even ukuleles!

Simple, user friendly navigation

Category pages in particular can have 100ís of products, resulting in a long page with a lot of scrolling. Getting back to the top navigation can be a chore, so we bring the navigation to you! Peach Guitars has a ĎStickyí nav bar, meaning itís always visible at the top of the page.

With so many visitors using tablets, these pages are a joy to browse.

Sticky nav bar
Nav bar is always visible at the top of the page

Tabbed Product Lists

A tabbed product list on the homepage allows visitors to easily get an overview of the product range, and allows the site owner to promote more products.

Tabbed product lists

Browse by Manufacturer

Often visitors know exactly what they are after, and by whom, so we added a manufacturers selector to simplify this process.

Manufacturers carousel
Populated directly from in-stock products

Responsive Design for access on the go

Online purchasing from mobile devices is on the rise, so itís more important than ever to provide a consistent experience across all screen sizes - itís something users have come to expect. Using a fluid grid and images, Peach Guitars is built to work at any resolution.

Desktop layout
Laptop layout
Tablet layout
Mobile layout
As the screen size lessens, the grid layout stacks columns vertically and scales images

You've all been totally professional from day one and knew exactly what we needed straight away and the website was pretty much perfect on first attempt!

John Priest, MD, Peach Guitars

Linked Products & Promotions

Peach Guitars regularly stock one-of-a-kind or limited edition guitars, so they needed some way to high­light these. We created a homepage banner module which is populated by their integrated ERP system, allowing a simple tick to generate the promotional material.

Image and specifications are pulled stright from the product listing Product Slider Multiple products can be added

Keeping customers informed

Staying in touch with customers is important to retain loyalty and keep them informed of news, events and offers. We created a blog and newsletter to give Peach Guitars the tools they need.

Peachy Blog

Built on our custom CMS, the Peach Guitars blog is feature-rich with integrated Facebook comments, blog archive, author profiles and the option to display products featured in the post, linking directly to the shop-side product listing.

Latest blog posts homepage section
Latest posts from the blog are displayed on the homepage
Featured products sidebar
Products discussed in the article are linked to in the sidebar

Email Newsletter

To complement the website and allow Peach to stay in touch with their customers, we created an HTML email newsletter template, optimised to work across all email clients and retain the website branding.

Newsletter signup
Newsletter registration and social links are in the footer of all pages for maximum exposure.
Editable template makes it easy to add more stories

Just want to say what a pleasure it's been dealing with your company and all its associates.

John Priest, MD, Peach Guitars

Product listings with IMPACT

The website markets high-end products to demanding visitors. Clear information is important to help convert those visitors into customers.

Product Listing
Link to manufacturs product list to view alternatives
Large images with thumbnails
Trustpilot reviews
Facebook comments & product reviews
Pay4Later finance provider integration
Related products

Finance integration

As a provider of high-end guitars and music equipment, Peach Guitars required a finance option. We integrated Pay4Later into the site, with a custom finance calculator to allow visitors to easily work out repayments and find the right package for them.

Finance calculator

The Finished Site

The finished site incorporated complementary colours to highlight key areas and give a distinctive feel in keeping with the catalogue. Large images and bold font choices complete the design to create a modern, user-friendly and highly effective eCommerce store.

Peach guitars homepage Peach guitars category Peach guitars listing

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