Greenman Bushcraft

For many years we've worked closely with Greenman Bushcraft, one of the largest and most respected specialist bushcraft equipment suppliers in the UK.

Greenman Bushcraft

Changing with the seasons...

Greenman Bushcraft is focused on the outdoors and the coming and going of wildlife throughout the seasons. We decided to play on this by adding themes for the different seasons and holidays, allowing the site to reflect the current time of year.

Autumn Theme
Summer Theme
Spring Theme
Take a look at the Greenman Themes
Kris Miners, MD

I can't recommend 2D highly enough! The phone support is second to none and

every detail on the site has been carefully thought out and designed to perfection.

All possible aspects of a website and the needs of a business have been thought out.

Reaching an outdoors focused audience

A site that is accessible on mobile devices is of paramount importance when the very customer base it relies on is often away from a computer when the thought of a particular outdoors gadget comes to mind. By making the site responsive, we optimise the user experience across all screen sizes - desktop, tablet and mobile.

The site grid stacks vertically and images re-size as device screens get smaller Responsive design

The desktop version creates a fresh and inspiring experience with large images and detailed textures.

Optimised for tablets, the site creates a seamless transition with an easy-to-use interface when out and about, making ordering simple.

The narrow versions of the site stack the grid layout vertically and intuitively make use of the available space for ease of use.

Rewarding customer loyalty with Loyalty Points

Returning customers are important and should be rewarded, so we built in a system to allow the site to reward customers with points when they make a purchase.

These points can be used for discounts against future purchases, with a configurable transfer limit and minimum spend per transaction.

Guiding customers with Search Suggestions

When a site has such a large catalogue, search is really important.

The website features an intuitive search system which offers matches as the user types, making finding the right product quicker and easier.

Search suggestions
As you type your search terms, products are suggested automatically

Promotional banners with Integrated Products

Homepage banners combined with product displays are used to draw attention to sale items, unique products and special offers. A separate product slider below the main banner allows for more featured products to be displayed in a small space.

Product slider

Find the perfect present with the Gift Finder

Sometimes the customer may not be familiar with the range of products - this is where the gift finder comes in. Users simply select price range, age range and category, then browse the results to find the perfect gift.

Gift Finder
Select parameters to narrow the product selection
Products which fit the parametersars are displayed and can be ordered by price, popularity or rating

Feature-rich product listings

The website is the business's primary salesperson, so information is vital in order to convert casual visitors into paying customers. The rich product listing page is designed to provide clear information to visitors and make it easy to research and buy products.

Product listing
Large product title & price
Large Images with thumbnails
Loyalty Points
Social Sharing
Product Reviews
Product Description
Age warnings and verification

The Finished Website

The site is a delicate composition, bringing the feel of the outdoors onto the screen while maintaining an easy-to-use interface without clutter or complication.

Greenman homepage Greenman category Greenman listing

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